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Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling helps you understand the nature of problems and on how to deal with these problems to achieve a better mental health...

Couples and Family Counseling

Each relationship has its own special structure and each individual who creates that system has a ‘family system’ that comes from the family and the environment they grew up in..

Child and Adolescence Counseling

With childhood and adolescence, psychological counseling is provided to reduce or eliminate the psychological disturbances, to end the conflicts with families, with the social environment and to develop communication within family...

Sexual Counseling

There is no sexual intercourse problem between couples, there is a sexual harmony problem. There may be a period of time where many couples cannot live in a “healthy and harmonious” relationship because of timelessness...

Psychological Tests and Questionnaires

  Testleri uygulamadaki öncelikli amacımız, istekte bulunan uzman veya kuruma ek veri sağlamaktır. Terapötik süreci destekleyici bir yol olarak tercih edilmektedir. Merkezimizde uygulanan ön testler için;...

Trauma and EMDR

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. In 1987, this method started by chance by Dr. Francine Shapiro discovering that eye movements can reduce the severity of annoying thoughts. In the...

School and Student Counseling

Education begins with nursery classes, which we call pre-school education in our country and extends to an endless path. After nursery class, the path continues as compulsory primary education...

Kurumsal psikolojik danışmanlık

Corporate Counseling

  Kurumsal Danışmanlık Kurumsal gelişimi sağlamak için; kurumun ihtiyaçları belirlenerek, bu ihtiyaçlara özel eğitim programları tasarlanır ve uygulanır. Bu eğitimler sonunda beceri ve performans gelişimi...

gaps danışmanlığı

GAPS Counseling

As a result of treating the intestinal flora, the brain and the body get rid of the effect of the toxin load and these diseases caused by the intestines are completely cured.

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