School and Student Counseling

Education begins with nursery classes, which we call pre-school education in our country and extends to an endless path. After nursery class, the path continues as compulsory primary education, high school, university, master, doctorate, some occupational courses and programs. Education is now a must for our century.

However, both with our education system, the pace of informatics age and the impact of development era on students; our children, youngsters, our peers who are adult individuals sometimes have educational, social and psychological problems. In this case, we, as educational counselors, with determining the base of the problem find solutions with appropriate therapy methods.

For troubled students, teacher or parents generally have a negative or rejective attitude. However, student needs to be subsumed, accepted and understood.

No student can accept the feeling of failure.

At that point, the primary aim is by determining the reason of the failure, raising awareness about the thoughts and behaviors created to deny the feeling of failure and change them.

In Educational Counseling;

Family, school meetings

Performance enhancement with EMDR Therapy

Motivation and ego strengthening studies with coaching methods

To Our Students; 

Ensuring school and course success

Study methods

Learning the strategies of setting goals and reaching the goals

Time and energy management

Overcoming motivation and concentration problems

Stress management

Being successful in exams

Coping with exam anxiety

Getting rid of learning prejudices

Reprocessing of previous negative records

Development of self-confidence


Strengthening belief and motivation with reminder images

Processing the future template

Area selection

Elimination of reluctance and stability in doing homework

Coping with the problem of not wanting to go to school

Identification of interests and abilities and professional guidance

During the preparation for the exams, studies are carried out to improve the skills of using the performance at the highest level.