Couple and Family Counseling


Couple and family counseling therapy is a type of therapy that can be applied to every couple in the processes they need, whether they are married or those who still maintain their relationship in the institution of love. The biggest difference of this therapy from individual therapies is that it allows the person to leave his/her individuality and manage the relationships in the processes where he/she is “us”, with the right emotions. In other words, it has an active role in improving bilateral relations as well as correcting its own deficiencies. 

Couple and family counseling works on the awareness and changing the negative effects on an individual’s close relationships with family members.

It can be held either with all family members, or only with the individual who is volunteering to attend the session.

Sometimes, the problem that seems to be the problem of the “individual” can negatively affect both couple or all family members or other people they have a close relationship with. At this point, couple and family counseling focuses on strengthening emotional ties between couple or family members and developing problem-solving skills. All family members attending the session take responsibility for the existing problem.

“Family is not an important thing, a family is everything!” (Michael J. Fox)

Working Areas

  • Family Conflict and Communication Problems
  • Pre-Marriage Counseling
  • Marriage and Relationship Problems
  • Preparation of being Mother-Father
  • Healthy Attachment and Parenting
  • Divorce Process Counseling
  • Post-Divorce Counseling
  • Doula (Childbirth Support)
  • Characteristic incompatibility between couples
  • Major sudden and major traumas disrupt the balance of the relationship
  • Prolonged conflicts and resentments between couples